Executive and Leadership Coaching


In general, discoveries about ones internal intra-psychic dynamics and interpersonal behaviors are difficult to discover and then process alone. An executive’s pathway toward self-discovery can be greatly enhanced with the help of a professional coach who can provide a reflective place to deal with the everyday dilemmas and paradoxes of their professional and private lives.

Performance Enhancement, Mental Toughness and Psychological Resilience Training

Genesis Consulting Psychologists together with Pneuma Consulting Group has a number of unique consultants with synergistic backgrounds both in the psychology of human performance along with extensive senior executive experience as well as front line and leadership training and experience in High risk armed services organizations. These consultants via coaching,intensive retreats and other executive training venues bring unique backgrounds to the Professional and corporate executive domain. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that individual, team and organizational performance is greatly diminished by the day to day stress and uncertainty inherent with complex senior roles. Our firm is available to work individually and with teams or the organization as a whole to enhance performance by increasing emotional intelligence attributes,depth experiences leading to greater leadership self awareness as well as emotional and mental resilience capacity. Our consultants are available to serve Ottawa (Canada), the United States, Europe and other international locations.

Individual Executive Coaching


Individual coaching interventions utilize a highly specialized method focusing on system, structure, process and strategic and individual executive/leadership psychodynamics that address the executive's personal synergy between their internal self-psychodynamics,deeply ingrained psycho-perceptual schema's and defensive structure and interpersonal relationships as they effect group, team and the organization as a whole. Our consulting/coaching approach is highly individualized and may be used to uncover emotional blind spots, to develop a sophisticated and emotionally intelligent understanding of strengths and areas for development, manage current corporate challenges, manage change from a personal and professional perspective, prepare for potential promotional opportunities and identify future career directions.

Executive / Leadership Group and Team Coaching


The primary intent of group and team focused coaching program is to allow executives, leaders and managers to engage in depth oriented, fearlessly searching frank and open dialogues that reach towards the depth and breadth of the corporation's key systemic, structural, strategic and human relational challenges.

The coaching group assists each participant to explore his or her own internal psychological and unique perceptual filters and psychodynamics and relational blind spots, and identify new directions for personal/professional transformation in line with the organization’s goals, objectives, culture and strategic direction.

Organizational coaching and development


The primary objective of our “whole organization” coaching intervention is to utilize individual executive, team and group coaching programs as individual building blocks towards the transformation of the organizations systems, structure, strategy and culture. and to facilitate an executive leadership team with a high degree of self-awareness and emotional intelligence that leads towards a significant improvement in individual leadership along with enhanced team and group effectiveness and efficiency and ultimately towards greater organizational health and a significant value added towards the achievement of the corporate bottom line and its individual strategic goals and objectives.



Our consultants serve as highly confidential advisors, sounding boards and performance coaches to CEOs on the human dynamic personal, professional and leadership issues and challenges that they face on a day to day basis.

The Chief Executive role is one filled with constant anxiety and multi-factorial challenges and competing interests and by definition is characterized by often unhealthy isolation and loneliness. Chief executives are required to and make exceedingly difficult strategic and tactical corporate survival related decisions. CEO’S must reflect on the psychodynamics of their corporate responsibilities and understand the human dimensions of their Executive team and key stakeholders and the asymmetrical dimensions of the micro and macro aspects of their organization as a whole.

There are great benefits to discussing sensitive aspects of corporate and one’s own leadership issues, style and dynamics with a specialized consultant and high performance coach who is not involved in the ongoing human and political dynamics of the corporation. These human behavior and corporate systems conversations are bound by confidentiality and provide the organizational executive an opportunity to gain novel insights on the interpersonal aspects of the synergy between self and corporate challenges.